Formed originally as a solo project by myself (Kold) to express my lack of feeling,I self released two demos ''Endless Denial'' and ''Never Again''later combined with three previously unreleased tracks to create a full length entitled ''No Place In Life'' released by Corkra productions.After that I recruited a vocalist (Faulnis) and recorded ''Cold Days''a full length full of self hate and melancholy,released by Solitude And Despair Music. The next full length ''Alone In The Wind''is mainly an instrumental release excluding one track which features vocals by (R.) it is available through Pest Productions. In addition to that there is a split featuring Final Thoughts, Endless Sorrow,and Lost Inside,it is being released by Misanthropic Art and Self Mutilation Services. Currently there is a new full length in the making which will feature vocals by (Necromorg) of Sterbenzeit, it will see the light of day in early 2011.

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